Provider Application

The Crisis Support Collective is an opportunity to support frontline staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your role would include brief (30 minute) crisis support for those who are in a healthcare setting experiencing stress. Crisis support is short term, and centers on providing people with assistance, non-judgemental support and resources in their time of need.

The main aim of crisis support is to help reduce stress and improve the person’s ability to cope with their current situation, as well as with future crises.

Your role is not to provide therapy as a member of the Crisis Support Collective. If the person you are speaking with desires to have ongoing support, they are entitled to up to three pro-bono crisis support sessions. They are able to schedule for a pro-bono session up to 48 hours in advance. If they express they would like to continue to have additional support, it is your responsibility to refer them to a provider; this could be yourself if they indicate interest in this, but we will also have a list of referral sources.

Any person that you see during your shift will be considered your client through your own practice; you will be responsible for entering them into your own system and doing any subsequent documentation. This is a free, confidential service and you will be provided with a talking points form to help answer any questions that clients might have. 

If the client you are speaking to is expressing suicidal intentions, you must be prepared to connect them with resources (which may include assisting them in calling 911) to ensure safety. All clients will be sharing their current location in their informed consent form, as well as an emergency contact. It is recommended that you let them know if you plan on contacting their emergency contact. 

Provider Requirements:

  • Able to provide mental health support independently, 

  • Licensed in the state of Indiana, 

  • Have an NPI number and professional malpractice/liability insurance

  • Crisis support experience, training or willing to complete training prior to your first shift